Top 8 Walking Mistakes Orthopedic Doctors Say People Make

Incorrect Footwear: Wearing shoes with inadequate support or improper fit can lead to discomfort and increase the risk of foot and ankle issues.

Overstriding: Taking excessively long steps may strain joints and muscles, contributing to overuse injuries over time.

Poor Posture: Slouching or improper posture while walking can lead to back pain and strain on the spine, impacting overall musculoskeletal health.

Ignoring Pain: Ignoring persistent pain during or after walking may lead to more serious orthopedic issues. Address discomfort promptly for early intervention.

Inconsistent Warm-Up: Skipping a proper warm-up before walking can increase the risk of injury. Engage in dynamic stretches to prepare your muscles and joints.

Overlooking Surface Quality: Walking on uneven or hard surfaces can impact joints and contribute to injuries. Choose walking paths wisely to minimize the risk.

Inadequate Hydration: Dehydration can affect joint lubrication and increase the risk of cramps and strains. Stay hydrated for optimal musculoskeletal function.

Sudden Intensity Increases: Abruptly increasing walking speed or duration without proper progression can lead to overuse injuries. Gradually build up intensity to allow your body to adapt.