Things You Should Never Do on a Cruise

Miss the Safety Drill: Attend the mandatory safety drill to familiarize yourself with emergency procedures and ensure a safe voyage.

Overlook the Dress Code: Respect the ship's dress code for different venues, avoiding awkward moments and ensuring a seamless dining experience.

Ignore Your Budget: Set a realistic budget for onboard spending and shore excursions to prevent post-cruise financial stress.

Disregard Health Guidelines: Follow health and hygiene guidelines to protect yourself and fellow passengers from illnesses.

Miss the Ship's Departure: Always be mindful of the ship's departure time and return promptly from shore excursions to avoid being left behind.

Forget Sunscreen: Protect your skin by applying sunscreen, especially during outdoor activities, to avoid painful sunburns.

Skip Travel Insurance: Invest in travel insurance to safeguard against unexpected situations like trip cancellations or medical emergencies.

Overpack or Underpack: Find the right balance when packing, considering the cruise itinerary and activities to avoid unnecessary stress.

Be Late for Dinner: Respect your dining time and arrive promptly to avoid inconvenience for both you and the dining staff.