These Dips Are To Die For

Goat cheese dip

You can't beat a good cheese dip, and this option, made using goat cheese laced with olive oil and mixed herbs, is simply delicious. Savor with tomato slices and toasted bread.

Beetroot tzatziki dip

A vibrant and attractive dish, beetroot tzatziki enlivens any table. Greet the beets with cucumber, Greek yogurt, and fresh herbs. Serve with cuts of warm, oven-baked flatbread.

Cowboy caviar

Also known as Texas caviar, this colorful combination of corn, beans, avocado, and peppers lightly pickled in a vinaigrette-style dressing is the perfect accompaniment to tortilla chips.

Classic guacamole

For many, cilantro is the key to making the best guacamole, but make sure you use the freshest of avocados too.

Cashew and cream cheese dip

Gather up a handful of cashews and mix them in with cream cheese, fresh herbs, and scallions for a rich, creamy, dippy delight.

Smoked salmon dip

The most rewarding way to prepare smoked salmon dip is to finely chop some of the fish and puree the rest.

White bean and garlic dip

Garlic is an essential ingredient in many dips, and this pungent herb works especially well with a smooth processed white bean dip.

Roasted pepper hummus

his will impress your dinner guests, a flaming red roasted pepper hummus made with sweet red bell peppers, chickpeas, garlic, and tahini.

Crab and bacon dip

Practically a meal in itself, this crab and bacon combo is a surf and turf dip delicacy. Add caramelized onion, cooked in a little olive oil until until richly browned.

Pumpkin dip

Sprinkle cinnamon over a super smooth pumpkin dip, gather up a handful of cookies and apple slices, and give your taste buds a pleasant surprise.

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