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The 9 Most Haunted Roads in America

Clinton Road - West Milford, New Jersey: Known for numerous ghostly sightings, strange happenings, and an eerie atmosphere, including tales of ghostly figures and phantom vehicles.

 Archer Avenue - Chicago, Illinois: This road is associated with the famous Resurrection Mary ghost, a young woman who is said to hitchhike along the street.

Highway 666 - New Mexico: This road has gained notoriety for accidents, unexplained phenomena, and reports of ghostly apparitions.

 Bunnyman Bridge - Clifton, Virginia: Legend has it that a man in a bunny costume haunts this bridge, and it's associated with creepy sightings and urban legends.

Jerome-Perkinsville Road - Jerome, Arizona: Known for its history of mining accidents and ghostly encounters, it's believed to be haunted by miners who lost their lives.

Ohio State Route 666 - Portsmouth, Ohio: Due to its number and eerie vibe, it has a reputation for paranormal activity and unsettling experiences.

Kelly Road - Ohioville, Pennsylvania: Linked to reports of a ghostly woman who allegedly appears on the road, creating chilling experiences for those who encounter her.

Zoar Road - Charleston, West Virginia: Associated with the eerie Mothman legend, this road has become infamous for sightings of a winged, red-eyed creature.