The 8 Countries That Hate Trump the Most

Iran: Political tensions and policy disagreements led to strained relations between Iran and the Trump administration.

North Korea: The high-stakes diplomatic dealings and public exchanges created a contentious relationship between Trump and North Korea's leadership.

Mexico: Trump's focus on border security and immigration policies generated friction and public disapproval in Mexico.

Germany: Policy differences, particularly on climate change and trade, contributed to strained relations between Trump and Germany.

France: Differences in political ideologies and approaches to international affairs led to a strained relationship between Trump and France.

Canada: Trade disputes, particularly regarding tariffs, created tensions between the Trump administration and Canada.

United Kingdom: Policy disagreements, including on climate change and the Iran nuclear deal, contributed to strained relations between Trump and the UK.

South Korea: While diplomatic efforts were made, there were challenges and tensions, especially concerning North Korea's nuclear ambitions.