The 10 Worst Cities for Bedbugs in the U.S.

Columbus, Ohio

This year's rankings dropped Ohio's capital city. Despite the minor improvement, bedbug infestations kept it in the top 10.

Washington, D.C.

Our nation's capital may be bed bug-free. The District dropped two positions.

Baltimore, Maryland

The top 10 bedbug cities had the biggest decline in Maryland's largest metropolis. Baltimore dropped three positions since 2022.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis improved its 2022 rating by one spot.

Detroit, Michigan

Motor City is making bedbug progress. Detroit dropped one rank to avoid the top five this year.

Los Angeles, California

The second-largest U.S. city, Los Angeles, has the worst bedbug issue. The city jumped the most, seven slots into the top ten.

Cleveland-Akron, Ohio

Bedbugs in Cleveland and Akron may require preemptive measures. The 20th-ranked Ohio city rose four spots, tying with Raleigh, North Carolina.


Philadelphia slipped one position this year. Even yet, Philadelphia is one of the top three bedbug hotspots in the U.S.

New York, NY

New York City has almost 8 million people, therefore bedbug problems may be expected to be the worst. Despite rising one spot from last year, the Big Apple missed the top spot again.

Chicago, Ilinois

Bedbugs are worse in Chicago for the third year in a row. Chicago has the nation's worst rat issue, surpassing New York and Los Angeles.