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How To Improve Your Soft Skills

Make eye contact

Another important element of communication is eye contact. Meeting the gaze of your conversation partner will make them feel like you are fully engaged with what they’re saying.

Monitor your body language

It is also important to monitor your body language. Sitting up and leaning forward slightly will show the other person that you are engaged in the conversation.

Practice speaking

If you are not a confident speaker, there is nothing better you can do than to practice. Whether it’s public speaking or casual conversation you find difficult, practice makes perfect.

Develop your writing skills

Remember that speech is not the only medium; it’s also important to hone your writing skills. Just like speaking, the more you practice your writing, the more easily it will come.

Practice active listening

Active listening is a very important soft skill, but it can be difficult to train. Proper active listening requires focus, patience, and self-discipline.

Pay attention to body language

Paying attention to the body language of the person you are talking to will help you better understand their frame of mind and tailor your response.

Build relationships

Interpersonal relationships are important in all areas of life. They heighten our experience of life and are always worth investing in.

Be friendly

The best way to strengthen your relationships at work is to be friendly with your colleagues. Greet them when they get to work, and take a few minutes to talk in the break room over a coffee,


When it comes to networking, it's worth honing this skill both inside and outside your current organization. You never know when knowing someone might come in handy.

Practice leading

Leadership is often considered a God-given skill—we often refer to "born leaders" and all that. The reality is, however, that strong leadership skills can be learnt.

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