Cities With Their Own Psychological Disorders

Paris Syndrome (Paris, France): A phenomenon where tourists experience severe disillusionment with the romanticized image of Paris, leading to anxiety and emotional distress.

Jerusalem Syndrome (Jerusalem, Israel): Tourists or pilgrims may exhibit psychotic delusions or religious fervor triggered by the sacred nature of the city.

Florence Syndrome (Florence, Italy): Overwhelmed tourists may experience dizziness, rapid heartbeat, and even hallucinations due to the abundance of Renaissance art and culture.

Stendhal Syndrome (Florence, Italy): A broader version of Florence Syndrome, tourists experiencing Stendhal Syndrome may feel overwhelmed by art anywhere in the world, not just Florence.

New York Syndrome (New York City, USA): Some newcomers may face adjustment stress, anxiety, or a sense of isolation in the fast-paced and bustling environment of the city.

Tokyo Blues (Tokyo, Japan): A term describing the feeling of loneliness and alienation experienced by some residents in the vast and crowded metropolis of Tokyo.

Dubai Derangement (Dubai, UAE): The pressure to maintain a lavish lifestyle in this glamorous city can lead to stress, anxiety, and a sense of inadequacy for some residents.

Mumbai Malaise (Mumbai, India): The fast-paced lifestyle and extreme socioeconomic disparities in Mumbai can contribute to stress and mental health challenges for some residents.