10 Bizarre Food Trends Millennials Love and Boomers Hate

A millennial favorite, avocado spread on toast with various toppings, which might seem extravagant to some boomers.

Avocado Toast

Millennials embrace options like Beyond Meat and Impossible Burgers, while boomers may find these substitutes unconventional.

Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

Colorful bowls featuring acai berries, granola, and exotic toppings, a trend that might appear overly decorative to some boomers.

Acai Bowls

 Fermented tea with probiotics that millennials appreciate for its health benefits, but some boomers might find its tangy taste unusual.


From lattes to desserts, millennials adore matcha's vibrant green color and earthy flavor, while boomers might find it unfamiliar.

Matcha Everything

Unicorn and rainbow-themed treats might be enticing to millennials, but boomers may see them as overly vibrant and artificial.

Rainbow-Colored Foods

Millennials have turned cauliflower into pizza crust, rice, and more, which could be seen as a departure from traditional preparation by some boomers.

Cauliflower Everything

A popular dairy alternative embraced by millennials, while boomers may prefer more traditional options like cow's milk.

Oat Milk