9 Popeyes Chicken Items From Worst To Best

Chicken Waffle Tenders: Often criticized for being overly greasy and lacking flavor.

Handcrafted Tenders: While tasty, these tenders can be high in sodium and calories.

Chicken Po' Boy: Although flavorful, this sandwich can be heavy and calorie-dense.

Chicken Sandwich: A popular choice, but can be high in calories and sodium.

Cajun Fries: Delicious but high in calories and unhealthy fats.

Butterfly Shrimp Tackle Box: Tasty, but the shrimp can be greasy and high in calories.

Cajun Rice: A flavorful side, but high in carbohydrates and sodium.

Spicy Chicken Tenders: The most popular and flavorful option, relatively lower in calories compared to other items.