8 Signs That You Were Raised by Toxic Parents

Constant Criticism: Enduring consistent criticism and negative comments that undermine your self-esteem.

Unrealistic Expectations: Facing unattainable expectations and feeling the pressure to meet standards that are beyond your capabilities.

Conditional Love: Receiving love and approval only when you meet certain conditions or expectations set by your parents.

Control and Manipulation: Dealing with controlling behaviors and manipulative tactics that limit your autonomy and decision-making.

Lack of Boundaries: Growing up in an environment where personal boundaries are disregarded, making it challenging to establish healthy limits.

Gaslighting: Experiencing gaslighting, where your perception of reality is questioned and manipulated to undermine your confidence.

Favoritism: Witnessing favoritism or the scapegoating of one child over another, creating a toxic dynamic between siblings.

Emotional or Physical Abuse: Enduring any form of emotional or physical abuse that leaves lasting scars on your well-being.