8 Clothing Items You Shouldn't Wear on a Plane

High Heels: Opt for comfortable shoes instead of high heels to ease movement and promote circulation during long flights.

Tight Jeans: Choose breathable and stretchy pants over tight jeans to ensure comfort, especially during extended periods of sitting.

Bulky Shoes: Avoid bulky shoes that are challenging to remove during security checks and can take up precious space under the seat.

Complicated Belts: Skip belts with intricate buckles that can be uncomfortable during long hours of sitting and may trigger additional security checks.

Heavy Jewelry: Avoid heavy jewelry that can be cumbersome during security checks and may cause discomfort during the flight.

Tight Ties: If not necessary, skip wearing a tight tie that may feel restrictive, especially during long flights.

Overly Warm Outerwear: Choose a lightweight jacket instead of overly warm outerwear to stay comfortable without overheating during the flight.

Stiff Fabrics: Choose soft and breathable fabrics over stiff ones to ensure ease of movement and comfort throughout the journey.