7 Surprising Ways to Eat Eggs You Haven't Seen Before

Cloud Eggs: Whipped egg whites with a yolk in the center, baked until fluffy.

Egg in a Hole: A fried egg cooked inside a hole cut in a slice of bread.

Shakshuka: Eggs poached in a spicy tomato and pepper sauce, served with bread.

Egg Muffins: Whisked eggs baked in muffin tins with various fillings like vegetables, cheese, and meats.

Egg Curry: Hard-boiled eggs simmered in a flavorful curry sauce with spices and herbs.

Egg Drop Soup: A Chinese soup made with beaten eggs dropped into simmering broth.

Egg Sushi: Sliced hard-boiled eggs served on top of sushi rice and wrapped in seaweed.

Egg Noodles: Chinese-style noodles made with eggs, flour, and water, often served in soups or stir-fries.