7 Fast-Food Restaurants That Serve Best Milkshakes


In-N-Out's 100% genuine ice cream milkshakes are so thick you'll need a spoon or to wait until the ice cream melts. Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry shakes are popular.

Sonic Drive-In

Given its focus on frozen treats, Sonic creates great shakes. Sonic has slushes, sundaes, cones, blasts, and lastly shakes. 100% genuine ice cream shakes are intriguing.

The Sonic shake menu includes Strawberry Cheesecake Master Shake, Fresh Banana Classic Shake (a popular online drink), Oreo and Reese's Peanut Butter Master Shake, and others.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen's shakes may not top "Best Fast-Food Burger" lists, but they're good. Like Sonic, Dairy Queen makes a variety of sophisticated milkshakes with their famous soft serve.


Culver's has over 925 sites in the US, mostly in the Midwest, but also in the South, Arizona, and the Rockies.


Wendy's rich, creamy, unique frozen delights are always available in two varieties, unlike rival businesses' multiple flavors and mix-ins. It's generally chocolate or vanilla.


Texas-based Whatamilkshake has great shakes. Whataburger has tried Dr. Pepper, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Banana Pudding milkshakes, which Reddit users miss.


We determined that Chick-fil-A shakes average $5 at American outlets. Though expensive for a frozen fast-food delight, these shakes are highly recommended.