4 Things Your Parents Had in Their House That Are Rare Today

Rotary Phones: Once ubiquitous, these phones required users to physically dial numbers by rotating a dial.

Record Players: Vinyl records and record players were common before the rise of digital music.

Film Cameras: Before digital photography became mainstream, film cameras were the norm for capturing memories.

Typewriters: Before computers, typewriters were used for writing and correspondence, now largely replaced by computers and printers.

VHS Tapes: Before streaming services and DVDs, VHS tapes were the primary way to watch movies at home.

Tube Televisions: Cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions were bulky and heavy, now replaced by slim LCD and LED screens.

Encyclopedias: Printed encyclopedias were once a staple for information, now largely replaced by online sources like Wikipedia.

Landline Phones: With the rise of cell phones, landline phones are less common in households today.