12 Signs Of An Unhappy Dog

Excessive barking or howling: Dogs may bark excessively when they're anxious, bored, or in pain.

Decreased appetite or refusing to eat: Loss of appetite can be a sign of illness, stress, or dental problems.

Hiding or avoiding interaction: Dogs may hide or avoid interaction when they're fearful, anxious, or in pain.

Aggression or growling: Aggressive behavior can be a sign of fear, pain, or territorial issues.

Destructive behavior: Dogs may engage in destructive behavior when they're bored, anxious, or not getting enough exercise.

Excessive licking or grooming: Dogs may lick excessively when they're anxious, in pain, or have skin irritation.

Withdrawn or lethargic behavior: Lethargy and withdrawal can indicate illness, depression, or pain.

Avoidance of eye contact: Avoiding eye contact can indicate fear, anxiety, or submission.