10 Most Contrarian Travel Experiences Travelers Admit To Having

Enjoying "Touristy" Spots: Despite their popularity, some travelers admit to genuinely enjoying touristy attractions like Times Square or the Eiffel Tower.

Embracing Long Layovers: Instead of dreading layovers, some travelers find joy in exploring new airports and cities during extended waits.

Loving Solo Travel: Contrary to fears of loneliness, many travelers cherish the freedom and self-discovery that comes with solo adventures.

Skipping Famous Landmarks: Some travelers opt to skip iconic landmarks in favor of lesser-known gems, seeking a more authentic experience.

Embracing Hostel Life: Contrary to luxury accommodations, some travelers find camaraderie and memorable experiences in hostels, regardless of age.

Trying Unfamiliar Foods: Rather than sticking to familiar cuisines, adventurous travelers relish the opportunity to try exotic and unusual dishes.

Enjoying "Bad" Weather: While sunny days are ideal, some travelers find beauty and unique experiences in stormy or off-season weather.

Choosing Slow Travel: Instead of rushing from one attraction to another, some travelers prefer a slower pace, immersing themselves deeply in local culture and lifestyle.