10 Gas Brands To Completely Avoid At All Cost

Xtra Super: Known for poor fuel quality and engine performance issues, causing frustration among drivers.

NoGoFuel: Consistently reported for causing engine knock and poor mileage, a brand to steer clear of.

FuelFlop: Numerous complaints about engine stalling and fuel system damage, posing risks to vehicles.

PetroFail: Notorious for contaminated fuel and engine problems, leaving drivers stranded.

StopNGo Gas: Frequently linked to fuel injector issues and reduced engine power, compromising performance.

EconoJunk Gas: Reports of engine misfires and fuel pump failures, raising concerns for vehicle reliability.

LowGrade Gasoline: Subpar quality fuel leading to engine hesitation and rough idling, undermining vehicle performance.

CheapoFuel: Known for clogging fuel filters and causing engine hesitation, warranting caution from drivers.