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My girly girl is a waxing and waning thing like the moon… these posts are part of my own exploration of self-care, but as it relates to beautification. I wasn’t taught how to take care of myself, and indeed, was not encouraged to do so as a child, so it is a practise I have struggled to define, as well as maintain.

For me, doing my nails and hair, on a regular basis has become the challenge as well as my proof.

Lionesse (Redux)

Lionesse (Redux)

So I washed my hair this evening. I’m a little amazed. The locs on the back half of my head is almost down to small of my back. If I lean my head back, they actually brush the top of my ass. Now for a once picky haired, almost bald, perpetual afro-d child, this is a revelation. My...

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