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I thought it was a beautiful told if simple story… I’ve been reading critics reviews and am wondering why some people even bother if they’re going to compare everything to GoT, and then complain because the show isn’t a perfect season.

I think it’s as good a first season as anyone can expect from any show that’s not Battlestar Galactica.

The costume design was impeccable, the set design so wonderfully rich, which is impressive considering there is so much grey. Whoever was responsible for the lighting did an amazing job of giving it a complete personality in this narrative.

The performances were a little uneven here and there, but what first season has a perfect possession of every character? None, that’s how many.

All in all it’s a glorious entry, and I love the way The Fae are presented, and as gritty the allegories are with Nazism and the nascent authoritarianism and white nationalism on the loose in the U.S., I appreciate the tone and structure of the politics and how it’s played out from the top down.

I enjoyed this tremendously and am looking forward to more yarn for this story…

CarnivalRow #FaeForever #FaeUnity #FaeOfTheWorldUnite

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