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Experienced reader with a talkative deck

I began reading tarot at 18, but didn't become serious until I got my Tarot Lukumi about 15 years ago when I was living in London.
It was a personal revolution for me, as I'd never worked with such a talkative deck, and I certainly saw the difference when I read for people.
In 2015, after more than a decade of working with the Tarot Lukumi, I was given my first loaded calabash during a ceremony with my elders and told I had to read for people as part of my service to the Orishas.
While I for one strongly encourage anyone who is seeking to find a competent priest, a tarot reading fills the gap between the obligation that comes with readings from dilogun and the dafa, and those who are neither aborisha or olorisha.
I look forward to reading for you.

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"I really enjoyed my reading with my sistar about my first event for my father. She gave me a stiff warning about people in my show that were secretly jealous on me and planning to sabotage my show. I found out she was right. It happened like she said."
- Alexyss K. Tylor (Vagina Power)

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