If You Don’t Learn To Leave Women Alone…

I know these men going to learn the hard way to leave women alone in the streets.

I get into a public taxi and endure the driver weakly and ineptly trying to get my attention. I adjust my hat a few times due to it being pushed slightly askew every time this idiot mashes brakes.

On the final stretch this jackass directly engages me, “Have you ever watched Coyote Ugy?”

Me: No.

Him: Have you watched Hot Shots with Tom Cruise?

Me: No.

He goes on to tell me about how me and my hat, remind him of Coyote Ugly and it’s such a turn on for him, and how he likes it so much.

I’m ignoring him and he goes on and on and on, basically offering me his dick, cause “he talks to a lot of girls, and they love his shit talk.”

Me: 😒

Also, me directly to this fuckmuppet:

“I will never understand why ya’ll don’t let women exist in the same space with you without foisting your ineptitude, your wandering penises, sausage party politics and awkward feelings on them. I’m minding my business, and I paid you to do a job, you don’t need to offer me your ineffectual dick to do your job.”

And I open the door and as I step out he throws maliciously at my back, “Ok lesbian,” like it’s some fucking insult.

Allyuh, the blood went straight to my head like puncheon.

I whirled around, leaned back into the car, crawled up onto the seat and leaned over this man, right there at the corner of Western Main Road and Long Circular in blazing midday sun. Stopping traffic might I add.

I got right up in his face, a mere kiss away, arms spread across his steering wheel and the back of his head rest and growled:

“I suck dick and snatch souls, just not yours you fat, homely, big belly, pop down bottom feeder.”

His momentary terror was satisfying.

I retreated and slammed the door as hard as I could, “Goat cunt like you…. tell ya mudda wha you like and leave women alone in the road. #SuckYaDeadMuddacunt. I must look like I’m still 25 and fucking forgiving.”

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