I startled out of my sleep at 6:23.
I had no idea if it was AM or PM and the house was so quiet and outside was looking funny.
I lay there thinking, “Did Dayo come home from school? Why is it so quiet?”
“Is it Monday or Tuesday?”
“Is it a bank holiday or is it a school day?”
I go and look outside. No Dayo.
I open the front door. No Dayo.
“But he would have woken me up if he came home from school and I was still sleeping.”
I start to feel a little panicky. I’m about to pull on my clothes and walk to his school to find out where my child is.
I head to his room to double check, and there he is. Like a bug in a rug.
My relief was so great, I didn’t even process anything other than he was safe.
“Oh goodness, I thought you were lost. I was so ready to go look for you… I was seconds from going.”
“Alexa, what time is?” Dayo asks, rubbing my back as I laid next to him, just so relieved.
“It’s 6.26am,” Alexa responds.
“I thought it 6.30pm and something had happened to you,” I said.
“You think it was that second shot of Baileys that did it?”
Me: 😒 No.

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