Better Love Lilly Rabbit from Ella Paradis

So I bought this. They’re delivering it on Monday. I’ve never owned a rabbit before and my old vibe…. yeah, it’s been a few years and it still works, but I’m very bored with it as it doesn’t do much and is pretty straight forward and the batteries are annoying me (because I must compete with the Xbox controller if I want batteries). Most of my vibrators over the years have been pretty straightforward, because I am and have been pretty ambivalent about masturbation in general.

I generally do not like this form of autoerotic. However, a few lightbulbs went off in my head recently and it’s making me rethink my relationship with my body in sexual terms for the first time in many, many years.

Ella Paradis has a great sale going on, and this was deeply marked down, is USB rechargeable, has multiple speeds and vibration patterns, and the reviews said it was “girthy”.

I am keen to see if the hype about this rabbit, and rabbits in general is true. I haven’t owned one before so it’s a brand new world for me.

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