Today in the corner shop, I had to drop some righteous fury on a very young boy.

I am standing in the queue politely waiiting my turn. This young boy–the milk ent even drain out his face good good nah?–pushes his hand ahead of mine, and is looking to cash out. He came from behind me mind you, and he didn’t ask my permission, and I just had two drinks.

Now this happens almost every time I go in this store. And it certainly isn;t the first time that a man has done it, and I call that shit out every time. But this is the first time a boy so young did it.

“Young man, I know you not trying to bore pig me. I know you’re not,” I loudly said looking him directly in his face.

He pulled his hand back, and prepared himself to wait.

As I was standing there, and thee old man who was REACHING for this fucking non-frothing pee boy’s purchase, was cashing me out, I turned back to the boy.

“Young man, you’re going to learn today not to make women invisible. You’re going to learn today not to treat Black women like they’re shit. You’re going to learn today to respect your elders. You think you were right to do that?”

Turning back to hand over my money, I added with venom, “I don’t take that shit from grown men, you can’t think I’m going to take it from a cut down man.”

Then I dealt with the old man cashing everybody out, I raised my finger, pointed to him behind the glass and said, “And you sir, are going to respect the damn queue. All the time I come in here, you people make women invisible and treat men’s money like it’s better. You can do what you want when I’m not here, but when I am here, you will NOT be doing that to me or any other woman.”

As the girl who was coming back on duty came to man the second register closed the kiosk behind her, I said, “And sister, don’t let these waste men let you treat yourself or any other woman like chicken back. Respect yourself and others, and do not let these men bore in front women.”

“Thank you and good day.”

I walked out of that fucker on my expensive four inch Born heels, and my Calvin Klein jeans and did not look back nor say one damn thing else.

What the fuck? I’m sick of this shit.

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