Dayo wants to be an animator/game developer/3D artist person. He’s been obsessed with Blender for months. And months. And months.

When I shut down screen time in the evening, this child will watch Blender tutorials on YouTube for his remaining hours. When he wakes up in the morning, he watches Blender tutorials with his breakfast.

And he’s slowly getting better and better.

Being a 3D artist myself, I encourage this 110%, but tryna come up with a balance has been a challenge for us. There was a lot of bickering about screen time, and housework. We’re getting there though. It’s not easy or been fun, but we’re definitely getting there.

That said, I had a moment a couple days ago when he came into my room.

He stood and looked loving and longingly at my desk, upon which stands a Artist 22E Pro 21.5-Inch Graphics Display Tablet Monitor. (For the uninitiated, it is a computer monitor you can draw on using a pen.)

Dayo: Mami, do you think I could try this out?
Mami: Huh?
Dayo: The monitor… just thinking about all the things I could do with Blender if I could move things directly on the screen.

Editorial pause: He has a pen tablet, which he both loves and hates. I got one for him last year, when I got my own XP monitor. He had already he started to muck around with Blender, and well when you are in that life, you know the toolkit required. However, while XP is admirable in their efforts to make this tech affordable for the economically underpowered folks like myself, I personally already know I’m going back to my Wacom life. Fuck the cost. It’s really the better input device for all the ways I want to dig up in Photoshop. Dayo, who has never experienced Wacom-goodness, complains bitterly (as only a Virgo can) that the tablet jumps. I concur. The monitor isn’t smooth either. But, it’s better than nothing and I do enjoy drawing with it.

On with the story. (Yes on with the story.)

Mami: I am going to give you this monitor but not until I’m ready.
Dayo: I just want to use it once, I don’t wanna keep it now.
Mami: The idea of using that monitor after you Dayo gives me the heebie jeebies.
Dayo: What do you mean? I’d use the glove? I’d wash my hands.
Mami: ** eye roll to Jordan **

Editorial pause: This is a fifteen year old boy. Believe me when I say all you know about what they do with their hands, and do not do with them is true about my fifteen year old boy. So no, the dirt, oil, food, and OTHER VISCOUS MATERIALS THAT WILL REMAIN UNNAMED, smeared across my jumpy ass monitor, would 100% add to my grey hairs. Serious heebie jeebies.

Dayo: Don’t roll your eyes! I won’t destroy it.
Mami: You gonna just have to wait. Is a no. You have your own tablet, use that one and stay hungry.

I am fighting with Dayo about digital artist kit.

After a passionate 30 year love affair with Photoshop, and a life spent making digital art in one form or another, it doesn’t surprise me exactly, but it makes me proud. He grew up watching me draw on screen. Watching me try and fail, and get better. So watching him now, i don’t think he could ever know how proud I am to watch him pursue this life of art and creation.

After he beat a licked dog retreat, I paused long enough to be really proud of the way he is passionately chasing after his creative expression and getting better, and going deeper into his learning capacity and watching how it gives life to his ideas.

Also, I’m bracing for his next volley of shots in his campaign to get this XP monitor out from under me. It’s coming. Coming soon.

I wish I had the money to buy him a Wacom. I wish I had a rocket booster’s gasoline reserve to pour on his fire, just so I could watch him take up space in the world with his boom.

So fucking proud, eh?

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