SYNOPSIS: Hodgins retrieves Violet from the hospital, as Major Gilbert asked him to look out for her. After they meet Gilbert’s relatives, he offers her a job.

My Review on Rewatch: 

This caught my eye on Netflix, and at the time it was very different from the other anime I was watching. So different, at first it was like being plunged into extremely soft cotton after being tossed and buffeted in a sandstorm.

And that is what I’m getting from the story. Violet is a war veteran, and it is pretty clear she is fixated on her commander Major Gilbert. Missing both arms, she is also missing a connection with her emotions, her emotional self. And it wasn’t the war that did it. Whatever her backstory it is, her trauma/training goes very deep.

In this first episode, she goes from waking up in a hospital bed to an attempt to find a routine. But her lack of emotion, her lack of arms it all amplifies her disconnection from others, and indeed herself.

Aside from the unusualness of the story, from almost the first frame, the art, colours and loving animation in the show are fucking phenomenal. And this is not lightly said. The lines in every character, and the background and world building is quite glorious to take in.

The first watch it stuns, the second watch its a feast… your eye cannot gorge itself on too much. Kyoto Animation, who suffered a horrific and deadly arson attack in July 2019, are to be commended for their work on this show. In the first episode at least, there isn’t a single wasted frame, not a single squandered line (at least not to my unskilled eye).

This show is mining a richer emotional territory than your average slice-of-life, and its themes of war merely catalyst and background, like the steampunk setting of the world in which the story occupies. We are taking a journey with Violet, young, vulnerable and feeling very alone in the world and separate from herself.

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