Ever Night 1×02 "Episode 2"

Ever Night 1x53 "Episode 53"


As I’ve discovered with all the dramas I’ve watched so far, the last few seconds of the previous episode is played at the beginning of the next.

So here is Ning Que, swayed by the news that a See-Through level cultivator (the Badass of the flying knives) is in the princess’s caravan back to the Tang Capital, agrees to be their guide.

The pushy and proud princess bursts in and says she has to agree.

It is clear Old Ma (the General In Charge of the Wei City garrison) has a significant soft spot for Ning Que. He pretends to scold him, pushes him out the door and argues with the princess about taking him along.

He says, quite emphatically, that if they meet the fiercest battle, Ning Que will undoubtedly be one of the survivors.

Later, Ning Que and Sang Sang are discussing leaving Wei City, and we get a glimpse of Sang Sang’s pragmatism, as her main concern appears to be the squeaky door they’re leaving behind and how expensive the Tang Capital is going to be.

It’s cute how they underestimate the prices of things. They’re just plain cute together. You can tell they’re deeply complicit and have a deep affection for each other even if Ning Que is ‘rough’ with her and teases her unmercifully.

Ning Que’s parting with General Ma was sweet and touching. I do hope we get to see Old Ma again.

Meanwhile, General Huo meets with the Empress of Tang, and expresses concern for her safety now that the Princess is heading back to the capital. What is it between these two?

The State Preceptor visits the emperor late at night, worried about the princess’s safety, as divination has indicated she is in peril.

The emperor reassured him, as they’ve already sent out some soldiers to meet her incoming party.

On the way back from meeting the empress, Huo is attacked and with a swiftness we realise this motherfucker is deadly.

Yay! It’s Chao Xiaoshu leader of the Ichthyosaur Gang! He actually saved one of the dudes who was following General Huo. So handsome!

And to this episode’s battle.

The princess of course cannot proceed without a) not listening to Ning Que about where to make camp and b) attracting a fighting force.

And despite its very brevity, the sword play was ferocious and the fight between the cultivators throwing some serious fireworks in the artificial night sky.

We discover there is something called the Demon Sect, and they are not well liked. Certainly, dude looked quite pressed when fighting the old dude from Tang.

And we discover that Ning Que and Sang Sang are in possession of this umbrella… this umbrella has some strong juju! While magical force was tearing up everything in sight, Sang Sang, the Princess and a little boy called Little Man his behind it and were unharmed.

What is the story with this umbrella?

So Ning Que is known as the Woodcutter of Shubi Lake, a ferocious fighter known for cutting useless wood (killing bandits).

He is heading to Tang Academy with a reputation to go with his insouciance.

Up next, Episode 3!

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