Just happened in Walmart: I’m dashing around the store getting my few lil peeny bags full, and I pass this giant of an old fella (Black man).

I’m wearing my cowgirl hat, my tortoiseshell shades, green leggings and my Muk Luks.

I pass him—hard not to notice him, he looked about 6’ 5” with a great sloping belly—and notice him staring at me, but brush it and him off… passing by as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I know he turned around to look at my ass.

I hadn’t passed him good, when I hear the entire bakery stand collapse and shocked gasps from behind me.

I look back as I’m rounding the corner… you know he had driven his entire cart into that bakery stand? Just to get a look at my ass.

It’s been so long since I’ve done something like that, I’m glad to report I still have it. Considering how much of my ass has melted away in the last decade, it’s good to know I can still cause accidents.

I was laughing all the way around the corner and into the self-checkout line.


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