One of The Reasons Why I Love Eastlyn Achee

Chile… I go whole decades like this. I don’t lose friends though… even when they don’t know what landmass I am on at any given moment.

True story: I have a friend for 42 years (that I actually remember), 44 years since we’ve met. We lived across the street from each other when we were babies in Trinidad.

When my parents split, I was four and she was six. We never forgot each other, eh. I remember writing her letters as a little girl—after I learnt to write—but we never had a regular communication as children.

When I was 16, I went back home for the first time in 12 years. The two big things were seeing my father for the first time in ten years, and her in twelve years.

I got there… back to the village, nah? And she was working at a doctor’s office. She was 18…

I got there about 1:30pm and stayed and talked to her mother (my Auntie Betty RIP Ibae Tonu) for hours… until we heard her come in.

We were in the back of the house, and didn’t know I was there and wasn’t expecting me.

“Mummy! Mummy ah reach…”

And she round the corner into the back bedroom where we were and saw me.

We both screamed, and fell into each other’s arms, crying and then onto the ground and we rolled around crying and hugging each other. She didn’t ask my name, and we didn’t talk properly for nearly ten minutes.

It’s been 44 years since we met… and the longest time we’ve gone without talking is that twelve years. But to this day, that same love exists. We never question it and we still show up for each other without question, up to hopping on planes to walk each other through craziness, grief, all kinds ting!

I have ten thousand other reasons why I love Eastlyn Achee—my Eze—but that is one of the best things about my oldest friendship.

We don’t ever have to talk to know we love each other.

Her pickney is my oldest godchild… and one of the ones I stood up in a Xtian church church for nearly 24 years ago now… and from a baby she knew me, no matter how long I go without seeing her too.

Everybody who loves me knows I’m a wild roamer. So I get you and this 110%.

I don’t lose friends.

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