One of the smartest commentaries I’ve viewed so far… I support Kaepernick’s initial choice to kneel. How could I not?

I never knew his name before, and think very little of football, because I remember watching my Uncle Thomas play rugby, so am unimpressed by all that padding, and the tame nature of football.

I also am not a purchaser of sneakers in general, and have eschewed Nike in particular because of their use of sweat shop labour.

However, I confess to having a lifelong love of Chuck Taylors from the first skateboard I ever got. I never got them as a teenager, but I will always get them as an adult, because for me, it’s a connection to that girl I was that played with skaterbois and loved the feel of my board, and could never master some moves because I had the wrong damn shoes. It’s ok.

Nike now owns Converse, so I know when I buy them, they’re making money from me.

But I won’t wear the swoosh. I choose Chucks.

And I still support Kaepernick’s choice to kneel. And I’m very glad his pocket hasn’t suffered too much for it, even if he lost his little puffed up over padded game.

I’d pay to watch him play a rugby game or two though… and I’ll wear my Chucks.

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