I have found myself in situations with women ten or fifteen years younger than me, who defended their lack of self care and penis adjacent behaviour and pandering with my age, my bitterness etc.

No my dears… that’s not it. You’ve drunk the Koolaid I rejected darling… I’m trying to save you from some deep pain I lived to tell the tale about.

Since you not listening to anybody though, she who feels it knows it Lord. I learnt from my elders… I took their advice and dodged as many of these traps as I could.

You’d do well to listen to us now we’re you’re elders.

That gives me zero pleasure to say and I’m not trying to steal your happiness and I assure you I’m not jealous of you or your lil situation with these bottom feeding, soul sucking, dungeon monkey control freaks. I like myself too much, oui?

I’m immune to dickmotization. You are clearly under the influence… and the day will come when you recognise I told you the truth.

The men that proselytise on the jadedness of women, and the bitterness etc., they know exactly how to get you to ‘behave’. So you ‘behave’ and repeat that shit so you never feel bad about handing your power away like a two for one flyer on the High Street.

I don’t behave dear… soon you’ll realise it’s not fucking worth it. We tried to warn you.

Hard ears you won’t hear, by and by ya gine feel.

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