The fear of female power rears it’s ugly, ugly head. 

“Every creature of the Creative phenomenon/force/energy that we call Oludumare [God] possesses one form of or the other innate “ASE” (power, authority, force and or energy) including us humans, this “ASE” in women is not oly mystical in nature but also sometimes beyond human comprehension and understanding.

Iyami is simply and purely a woman/mothers cult/society period. The only one and single man there is called the Asogun, the balancing element in the group, and without their Asogun, the Iyamis will not be able to make use fully og their power or ASE.

The Ase of Iyami can be used to change and influence things around them positively and or negatively, this power is inborn; within the female, and can be transferred or given but to a large extent needs to be developed personally.

People have asked me at different times if there is anything like initiation into Iyami mysteries, the answer is yes, there are ritual processes that can be done to lock and unlock the ASE of Iyami into one and in the case of the woman this helps to catalyze the usage of the innate ASE, which is primordial to her.

Whenever this Ase is well developed and is being continuously employed by a woman, she is called many names: witch, sorcerer and enchantress to name a few.

How enormous Iyami ASE is, will be further revealed in the different verses of Ifa that follows and in their Oriki or eulogies. 

The Iyami Osoronga are creatures of Olodumare just like other Imales; they sought and got the clearance of Olodumare before coming to aye (earth) to do and undo as they desire, for as long as their wish does not conflict with the Divine Missions of Orunmila in “Aye” (earth).”

From, “Women in Yoruba Religion” by Olatunji Muyiwa Somorin

Now this isn’t West Africa, but East Africa, but how can we miss the connections between this and what happened in Salem, Massechusetts? What is the common thread between all of these witch burnings? Both ancient and modern?

Fear of female power, however that power is defined and manifested. 

Women have sustained a holocaust in the face of being true witches and accused witches, it is always at base a fear of female power. 

The bedrock this fear is built on is Patriarchal. Wherever a society or culture veers deeply into male supremacy, we find this kind of shite.

To the women, be they true or merely accused witches, I pray for their souls. For the souls of the murderers, those so fearful of change and female power that they will kill to suppress it: Someday the worm must turn.

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