Oshun Iyabeji Say:

Children of activists come to despise The Movement because the model of revolution borne from the minds of men is linear, left-brained, male-centric, lacking spiritual intelligence, marginalizes women and is overtly hostile toward families. This won’t be corrected until women are restored as equals, with equal contributions to the science of the process.

So long as men make the rules and set the standard, we will be spinning our collective wheels and having to retrain and re-engage children with abandonment issues each generation with what would be inherent to them if women were truly in the position to teach and influence. What women teach becomes culture, not ideology.

…butchall carry on, tho. Clearly, you know what you’re doing.

This is what happened to me. Both my parents were activists and revolutionaries… my father spent time in prison for the part he played in an attempted coup in Trinidad in 1970. His name is on a plaque somewhere commemorating the attempted coup and the movement.

I grew up in the movement and am still regarded as royalty among that group of people because of my father ‘the great man’.

However I can’t stand most of those fucking sell out penis pandering fucking hypocrites.

Literally don’t like the best bone in 80% of them.

And why? Because ‘great men and women’ sacrificed themselves and their families on the altar of RGB consciousness, and these fuckers out here making a living off of it, selling us for rice and paying lip service to ‘community’.

Bunch ah rasshole is what um is…

And these MODERN motherfuckers, they regurgitate shit better men wrote and did, and pass it off as their original thought in all their little YouTube videos, while down crying people like myself, whose ENTIRE FUCKING LIFE has been spent as part of the landscape of Pan Africanism.

And none of these people are progressive… they’re regressive in the worst way. The kind of personal violence they do to women and children, the way they steal from the community and the depths of the hypocrisy.

I can’t I just can’t with these fasseyholes.

Fuck em.


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My family was devastated by the RGB community and Pan Africanism.

We were broken as a unit by the utter disregard for the family…

So miss fucking me with dem lofty ideals.

Piss in me pocket will you? I think fucking not.

I had an entire organisation (one started by my father and his cronies) treat me the way they as individuals treat their women and children.

Think I give a fuck about their wish washy politics?

Doh geh wax! I have VIDEO and PHOTOS to prove what they did and didn’t do.

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