Today Facebook showed me (in my memories) this photo taken in 2002, when I was An Associate Editor at The Wire newspaper.

I had attended as ‘media presence’, but I had a time!

Mike Tikasingh and I had gone together, and I bought this amazing compendium of Comic book neediness for Jomo.

The things that struck me in the photo:

  1. How very short my hair was. Now, thirteen years later, my hair reaches my ass, so it’s a real ‘wow moment’ to witness the growth, both the amount of hair now as compared to then, and the amount of personal growth it represents.
  2. How ‘fluffy’ I was then. I’m a size 16 here, now I’m struggling to fill as size 8-10 jeans. If it weren’t for my big boobs and swimmer’s back, I’d fit into a SM, as it is, it’s a huge fight to fill mediums these days.
  3. How much I miss that red Wire t shirt, which I had for many, many, many years, and the location of which I have no current memory of.
  4. How little anime I’ve watched since these days. Back then I was a huge fan. Anime has come such a long way since this photo was taken. For example, nowadays, you can even find adult anime over on websites such as Maybe I should get back into anime? There are a few things I would like to watch, even just for the nostalgia of it all…
  5. How I was in the calm before the storm. And after this period, I’ve not know anything like stability. How utterly confusing and confused I was after this two year period of monotony and regularity. How utterly bored I was then, and how I could never claim boredom afterwards. This was taken before I got seriously into Orisha, spirituality and witchery. This was me in a kind of naive innocence… completely unprepared for what was coming next.
  6. This was just before I met YMK. Literally a few weeks before.
  7. That purse I was holding is the last good purse I’ve had in years. In it was my Palm Pilot, money, cards and press pass, but it was literally the best (and most expensive purse) I’ve had before or since.


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