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Witness the Invisible Black Woman

See the sun shining for you,

Hear the white shattering,

Block the noise others bring…

Black is Beautiful….!!

She…is Beautiful…..!!! Allow the beauty to soak into your marrow,

Suck in Strength,

Float within the warmth of her Nile,

Marinate under the Brown,

Blossom from her rich Soil,

Drink from her hot Falls,

Acknowledge the Earth…. Listen….

The Thunder is her Voice….

She is Crying….!

The land is drowning, suffering from her Cries,

She is Hurricaned Out….!! Spin within circles of your own Palms,

Whirl and release upon throbbing areolas

and erect nipples that match the System Solar,

so low,

so precious,

so screaming that it wraps

three hundred and sixty degrees around

and around,

and around…. Make Love Right Now…

Pay Homage Right Now…!!! Feel the power of hips,

magical minds and kneeling motions…

Respect the power of quiet Leadership,

Respect the loud Growls,,

Submit to the leaking breast nourishing the Village…

For shades of brown

always maneuvers through cracks of cold slate,

Creating Scented Flowers, Plentiful Herbs and Nourished Fruits from Depressed Concrete…..! Know That I Am Fucking Here….!!! (for those ignorant mf’s who don’t hear me ) lme2018-AllRightsReserved. #poetsunite. #eyewrite #youcantbreakme #alwaysgrowing

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