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y chromosome

I have written about the vanishing Y chromosome, and indeed vanishing ‘whiteness’ (on Facebook) many, many times. I don’t actually see them as something entirely separate deep down at it’s core. Black men, despite being harassed and abused by a racist social system, don’t want equality with black women. Nor any woman, not even white women. They don’t want equality with white men either. They want to be white men, and replace the white male power structure with a black male power structure.

This post is inspired by Oshun Iyabeji one of my most favourite FB peeps, and part of a small cadre of intersectional feminists that have been largely the reason why Facebook is even still worthwhile to me in terms of online interaction.

The thread, which stretches a mile long like many of Iyabeji’s threads, contains of course the original comments that this post grew from. You can read it here.

In response to my own comments, of course we have to have a mansplainer or two. Mine in particular was kind enough to encourage me to:

You can see my snarky ass response, right?

And within minutes my own snark, was followed up with:

Now he didn’t get nasty, at least not yet, but you never know. You only have to be interested in these topics, and seek to define the narrative of people of colour online, and be female to know these dungeon monkeys get on in the worst fucking way. If you are a black woman on the internet, it’s hard not to notice an almost overwhelming wall of hatred black men direct at us. It’s complicated by the dynamics and politics of blackness, but do not for a minute think that they are the only ones.

There has been a bubbling and seething resentment towards women by men, equal to that of white people towards black people. White men are just as nasty to white women, albeit with different politics. Male toxicity is at an all time fucking high. Do not post in the comments “not all”. It’s a ridiculousness that is entirely overplayed, and I know of no thinking woman who hasn’t abandoned herself to ‘Pick Me Syndrome’ who is going to appreciate it. Fuck off with that “not all” talk. It belittles you, so don’t start.

Back to the grain that wasn’t corn as my dear father used to say: When you consider the intersection of black womanhood and the onslaught we have been subjected to, there’s something to be said about the genetic evidence we’re remembering, that we as a group within a larger group haven’t withered.

When you think about the vicious backlash from both men and white people aimed squarely at black women, you really have to ask yourself some hard questions…

These fuckers jealous owah?

I was talking to my mother about this over the weekend and I posited that almost all of what we see from both white people and men is a fear of genetic annihilation… and karmic retribution turned into false superiority and honed by social conditioning.

The article that proclaims “The Male Sex Chromosome Isn’t Shrinking”, also describes it as a “runt”, currently sharing a mere 19 genes with XX, but says the attrition of Y genes stopped 19 million years ago. He posits:

That stability may come from a core of about 12 genes that have nothing to do with sex and are instead responsible for vital cellular functions in the heart, blood, lungs and other tissues. “These are powerful players in the central command room of cells,” and natural selection would favor their survival…

Favour eh, not definite. Those that are arguing for it not dying off, they’re not sure. And hear what, from what I gather, they’re all men. But then we get this, at the very end of the short ass article the mansplainer chose to bolster up his mansplanations:

“One proponent of the rotting Y idea is not convinced. The past several million years may simply be a lull, says Jennifer Graves, a geneticist at the Australian National University. She notes that at least two rodent groups have managed to dispense with it altogether.”

Yeah, that was a woman who said that. The article ends with asserting that Y will be around, small, but ‘around’.

My thing is, when you talk about millions of years, it’s one thing, but living with the physical, psychospiritual and biological deficits in men and white folks, has literally been the ‘death’ of black women, and the unbalancing of this entire system. My comments address the larger implications of what a full XX means and XY means. What having melanin means, and what not having it means for us as women of colour, who have it all.

All these genetic research findings, just continue to prove my point. Gender is a fluid thing, has always been a fluid thing. Whiteness as a construct of racism is 500 years old at best. Put that against millions of years.

None of that negates the basic truth: The human form was originally black and female, and anything other than black and female is a mutation.

We as women of colour must stand up and be heard, in a world trained to ignore us and not hear what we’re saying. Ok, ok, but bottom line: Mother Nature is taking care of everything, as She always does and as only she only can. So when men don’t see us as fully human, and white people see us as sub human, remember: When all is said and done, only the Black Mamas will remain. It’s ok if they disagree, Mother Nature and life are always right.

And it comes back to the little part of the X men are missing that makes them ‘fully human’, and what’s missing from white folks that makes them white.  Men don’t see women as human, but they’re not ‘full human’, they only have a piece of the full XX. White people see Black people as ‘sub-human’ but are missing fundamental parts of human DNA like melanin. Dr Frances Cress Welsing said that the behaviour see see in white people are due to these genetic aberrations, and it’s impossible not to see this borne out in ongoing behaviours. You only have to take a glancing look at Trump’s America and see the fear overwhelming these people. Look at the toxicity of male supremacy and rape culture. Look at it!

Real talk: If your genetic memory tells you you are missing information, wouldn’t you want to order the world so your missing info is the ‘wantable’ thing, just to validate the reason why you’re even here. Wouldn’t you find ways to demean and devalue the group of people who had everything you lacked? Turn it all upside down, so the lack within becomes the thing by which everything is validated? What was up, honoured loved and held sacred, is now something held twisted and mangled, so much so that it’s a whole movement to recover the lost female goddess, murdered by her pale, pale son. And you as the son, wouldn’t you live in constant fear of retribution for your matricide?

It is an emotional response based on deep genetic memory and genetic knowing.

The outward appearances: the misogyny and racism, the devaluing of human life, the misrepresentations of what is human and determinations about what it isn’t. Valuing land and money. It’s very immature and juvenile, but in both cases, they’re new to the mix. Both maleness and whiteness are aberrations to the genetic code, ok, but look at what it has wrought in the world. A wildly out of balance system. Both are relatively new to the mix… maleness and whiteness are young where femaleness and blackness reach back to the beginning of the beginning.

The things women of colour endure, it’s like what the Earth endures, and when all is said and done, done and dusted, we women of colour and our full XX will be what’s left.

On a deep emotional level, they all know it… it’s why we Black women, possessors of the full genetic mix, get it so badly. Why a whole damn social programme had to be engineered to give us the illusion that maleness and whiteness are superior.

We are the source.

Both men and white people, secretly want to return to the source, but you know… don’t want to invalidate themselves. What we experience as women of colour are the manifestations of their deep fears. It’s very sad… Sad only.Because while they engage in this behaviour, Mother Nature is clearly balancing the equation. I have said this many times in discussions, but I don’t believe either men or white people are our enemies. They’re our children. We made them.

But ya know, they be all:

“Imma go do my thing Mama.”

“Ok, but ya gine bounce ya head pickney!”

“Imma do it anyway Mama.”

“Go on then, but don’t come crying by my back door. I got shit to do.”

But they came crying didn’t they… wailing and looking to rumble, angry because we were foolish enough to let them go.

Y? Y allyuh so?

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