I have managed to get from January 1, to April 18 2018 without getting banned on Facebook… this is the first time that’s happened since 2015.

Last year I spent SEVEN months on 30 day bans for calling out rapists and racists.

In 2016 I spent five months on 30 day bans for the same thing.

In 2015, I spent seven months without Internet and was banned twice during the remaining months.

In 2014, I was banned for posting photos of my Second Life skin collection in progress. Repeatedly, because the SHADE of a nipple was visible in my DRAWN artwork! I released the collection with Facebook icons covering the nips and buried the option in the HUD for kicks.

Cause when you’re a professional Big Mouth, and ya don’t come with a mouth cover, and ya blood is hot (Congo, Kalinago, Scottish, French & Witch) you have a tendency to tell fasseyholes bout da mudda, and other unsavoury and sundry descriptions of their horseshite.

And since Facebook’s community standards are policed by white men, I get my huge platform on Facebook taken away on a regular basis. I’m not special. It happens to all activists who are coloured or female, and chile I am two for two.

Let’s see how long it will last.

Because Fuck Facebook.

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