8f6a487feaWe’ve been watching Ariya go from a scrappy little tomboy, to a killer without compunction of Stark enemies. However, after the Season 6 finale, and the demise of Walder Frey, it was jarring at first to see his craggy face and gimlet eyes surveying his kin at meat. But within moments, you clearly knew that Ariya was at work.

The closing sequence of this episode provides yet another juxtaposition. Dany finally comes ashore on Dragonstone. And for the last five minutes of the episode, we see her traverse the beach and the redoubt, and finally the castle itself. It is her homecoming, and poignant and deeply moving as it is for Dany, and by extension us to watch, her final “Shall we begin,” is the steel in the velvet glove.

Other notable mentions on fundamental settling of characters we see, is Sansa’s grim grit, and beautiful but unsmiling face throughout her scenes. Her dry and emotionless handling of Littlefinger, her open questioning of Jon and her sensible observations (although wrong) in council…. Sansa too, is a long way from being the stupid girl that lost the Stark girls their direwolves, and who was hopelessly crushing on vile Joffrey.

Jon in this episode is fairly bland. Bran, wey and just passing through.

The other standout was Sam in the Citadel with Ginny and Little Sam. This was a beautifully shot, and well done collection of sequences. I felt for Sam for his condemnation to empty chamber pots and clean up after the maesters, but was so proud of him for going to get the books anyway, because he bloody knew what was right to do.

A nice gentle ease back into Westeros and this tangled web of bacchanal.

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