Via Michelle Vielot:

He looks like the type to get you pregnant after ya tubes been tied. You sittin there pissed, pregnant with your 5th child, nose big af and he’s rubbin ya belly talkin bout how beautiful you are and how he’s gon pick up another shift and it’s gonna be ok… what shift?!?! You got all the shifts!!!

No more baby showers. Ya family is looking at you sick and tired of all these kids.

He had vasectomy a baby ago and he’s just smiling and feeding you grapes like this shit is normal.

You know you just gonna be pregnant forever cause you can’t stop backin that yam up on him every night and you deal with it cause the Lord got yall 😩

Btw… He’s a 6’5" Tobagonian 🇹🇹

#WakandaForever #WinstonDuke #Mbaku #BlackPanther


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