Hoodoo has become a catch phrase for many people who wish to claim they are practicing an African tradition without being initiated. It creates a belief or perception that they can just make things up as they go without any accountability all the while charging people. This creates situations that often endanger the public through unwise and questionable practices and those who use it to market curios and even claim a European origin. Many may not be aware but Hoodoo is a bonafide Ewe initiatory system and not just a collection of folk magic as assumed and promoted. Like many other systems in the Diaspora, it became hidden under Catholic and biblical lore, but True Hoodoo is known in Africa now as Marine Voodoo Aka Mami Wata… and Marie Laveau and Zora Neal Hurston were fully initiated to such. There are writings that specifically describe their initiations into Hoodoo… that are distinct from their initiations to Voodoo.

Via Iyanifa Ayele

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