One of the best Afro futuristic, prescient Sci Fi novels I have ever read. The first time I read it, I read it cover to cover, three times in a row. That was early Jan, 2003, and it was @nfadeke’s copy I read. This is the first time I’m re-reading in fifteen years, and you know, the same chills I got when I first read it, remain and indeed have grown deeper. And why? Because in the subsequent fifteen years I’ve seen so much of what Saker writes about come to pass, grow imminent and are now upon us. Time inconsistencies aside, this book is what has gotten me interested in virtual world’s, AI, and the shrinking size of technology… also has made me pay attention to the fast paced modernization of Africa. I’m telling you, this book is eerie. I thought it was eerie when I first read it, but to see, touch and feel so much of its ideas and concepts… makes this an incredible book. Biggest mind teef? Don Saker is a white gay man, who lives somewhere in Maryland. You think I’m bullshitting? This book is the first time I read about augmented reality, virtual spaces that resemble Second Life, Open Sim, Sandra, Blue Horizon… first read about tablets, practical AI assistants like Siri and Alexa and it was published in 2002!!!! Honestly Nicole, among the many things I am grateful you were in my life for, is the way you pushed this book in my hand and insisted I read it. It is such a good book.

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