#MediocrePatriarchy as practiced by the ‘so-called’ conscious community… If you lot only knew how transparent you are, how positively see through and obviously lacking substance, stepping to us with your doom written on your faces, you’d stop pretending to thrones that will never be yours. It’s only the simple, easily manipulated, tear headed, misguided women with delusions of grandeur that get caught, and me, I was called from another realm, fashioned and built to SEE CLEARLY AND BRING JUSTICE. My name is Mafdet Ani Ma’at… She Who Sees Clearly and Brings Justice. They made me to bring your piddly edifices down. In Trinidad, we have a saying: Don’t be wrong and strong, you don’t stay strong too long. In Barbados, we have a saying: Hard ears yuh won’t hear, by and by yuh will feel. #trifling

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