Not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow… not ever and to no man. No king can take or keep a throne without our say so, what the fuck are we bowing for?

When I first posted this meme to my Instagram account, I found myself verbally braced by a brother I had met during my visits and time in Atlanta. He’s part of a ‘scene’ down there in Atlanta… the ‘conscious community’.

Me and this brother have NO BEEF. None.

However, after I posted this, he ‘treated’ me to a long soliloquy about how I was ‘out of balance’ and that a ‘queen’ bows to a ‘king’ and a whole bundle of butt hurt male gaze shite. Apparently I’ve been so hurt by men, that my statement is an expression of my bitterness and harshness.

Beyond my initial rebuttal, I refused to respond. This is because the brother, like sooooo many men, take these comments as a PERSONAL commentary about THEIR bullshit, and look for ANY WAY to justify or illustrate their ‘illumination’ etc., but it’s pointless trying to explain to them that when they look to defend themselves with commentary speaking to things that don’t involve them AT ALL, they expose themselves. Literally expose their entire vulnerable flank.

Because I actually like the man, I did not press the obvious advantage he presented me with to rip his tender guts out. I just opted to not address him directly on the post.

However, trust my sisters to come through…. Including slices of the commentary below (not in sequence)

  • rahjahmoor I love my goddess sistars and explaining to a wounded witch that she is wounded is like explaining to a fish what wet is…theyre so immersed… it becomes the norm and then garner support in their compensating behavior and mindsets from other wounded witches who by default naturally gravitate towards each other…nevertheless..keep that shine a yours bright and may your future experiences heal your great heart…namaste
  • empyreal.insights @rahjahmoor if he got it all like that, then we stand next to each other in partnership. Period. It’s not about “wounds”. Some of us are simply primary. Some of us may OUTWARDLY do what you’re saying to keep things moving smoothly / peaceably…. but take it too far (& many get comfortable & do), & we disappear like smoke. You cannot expect every woman of power to play the “submission” game – I don’t care how you frame it. Some women are storms, volcanoes, & rolling oceans. It is what it is.
  • empyreal.insights@rahjahmoor you’re not “wrong”. But you’re also missing the point, reacting to “misandry” that isn’t there. If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t put it on. You’re “proving” points that don’t need proving (here). But even IF someone is traumatized or whatever, what you DON’T do when someone is speaking from their pain, is swoop in trying to be “intellectual” about it. Wrong time / place / space. You can’t get to dictate the terms of anyone’s feelings, or their process.

You can read the entire thread here.

But to address here where I get to say what I want:

Hear what, nah?

I meant what the fuck I said.

Not only does a witch not bow to a man, any man, but Queen Witches especially.

I’m a Queen Witch.


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