Soooo… Me, Age 9 (n’ change) almost 10, appearing as “The First Cynthia”, circa 1984-ish.

At this point, I had already done a number of newspaper, radio and television ads, but this was my first ever speaking role on camera.

I did a series of these Plays of Lives skits before I was replaced by another actress due to other commitments.

It’s a bit of a head teef to realise this was 35 years ago… so wild to see my little face and I must admit Dayo’s as well. I wish I could find more of those ads I did as a child actor, but I am cracking up with this blast from my distant past.

Oh, Anthony Forde, I haven’t forgotten the way you TORTURED me in 1C at Combermere School, repeating these two lines over and over until I thought I would lose my mind. You ole reprobate. 😝

Barry Collymore is Charles, Narrated by Vic Fernandes, Cecily Spencer-Cross.

Unearthed and sent to me via a FIVE YEAR OLD YouTube upload by Shawn Alleyne.

If anyone out there has any others, or the ones Jomo and I did together, or the ones Jomo did alone, please send them to me!

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