Lt. Sharon Valerii wakes up soaking wet in the tool room with an explosive charge in her duffel bag. Shortly afterward, a mysterious explosion destroys all the port-side water tanks on Galactica, creating a crisis for the entire fleet. Sharon can’t remember a thing, but all the evidence points to her as a saboteur. She confesses her concern to Chief Tyrol, but he can’t believe she’s responsible.

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*** Spoilers ****

Dude, this is one of my least favourite episodes. I found Boomer’s blandness frustrating.

So you steal the detonators, blow up the water and then found more water. Your big pay off is what? Getting away with it? Although this element was illuminated a little more in ‘The Plan’, and certainly events in the final few episodes of this season explain her state of mind, I still found Boomer frustrating in this episode.

All of that said, there aren’t really any truly awful episodes of this show. It’s a good episode, my problems were with Boomer’s wishy washy ass, not the writing or the story development.

I just felt like slapping her quite often and still do.

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