Star Trek: Discovery 1×01 “The Vulcan Hello”


After a lifetime of love for the Star Trek universe, it’s hard to be impressed by some of the iterations between the end of Voyager, and the start of the recent movie reboots. As much as I love Scott Bakula, I panned “Enterprise” sometime after the first season, unable to find a way into the story or caring about that crew.

However, it’s as if the showrunners of Discovery knew what my intersectional heart was longing for. A powerful new female lead of colour (wearing her natural hair), in a very different take on the Federation and enemies of old. When I realised which enemy of old it was being reimagined—indeed, the extent to which the Federation has been a little reimagined—I became deeply impressed, moment by moment.

I’m uncertain if I like the makeup and costume design for the new ‘Others’ in the story, and the very ‘colourfulness’ of their ship interiors, but you know, I might just let it grow on me and see how it goes.

A word here on Sonequa Martin-Green’s performance: Yes muh girl! Yes! I like you… A nuanced and compelling performance.

That said, this was an impressive opener. Oh CBS.. you play too much. They banned reviews to pique interest, and I am in for it. Here for it. I’m glad I took the chance and watched, and I’m glad to be so pleasantly surprised. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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