I didn’t expect to be so moved by such a little movie, but with a captivating performance by Emilia Clarke, the witty laugh out loud funny writing, and a heartbreaking but not too clichéd ending, made this film a little overlooked gem.

Sam Claflin acquitted himself nicely, as did the entire supporting cast. Charles Dance and Janet McTeer as Will’s parents, were a gelid and steely bonus no matter how secondary their characters were. I liked that they were never positioned in the story as obstacles to anything… Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter’s Neville Longbottom) is again, chameleonic in the way he fits himself into characters, and Brendan Coyle (one of my favourites from Downton Abbey) were nicely cast.

However, it is truly Clarke and the screenplay that stand out here. I’ve never read the book, and probably never will, but I liked the story very much. I also like that it didn’t play like a Hallmark movie, and the banter between Clarke and Claflin was well paced and they worked their chemistry very well, right up to the last letter in Paris.

This was a great little film… well worth the watch, just get some Kleenex.

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