Gosh… What a difference eight years makes! Dayo was three and I was still in my mid 30s.

I’d gone to Grenada to visit an ex and what a shit he definitively turned out to be… but oh Grenada! Grenada captured my heart. Something deep in my soul, ancestral memory I am sure of it, loves Grenada deeply.

Here I am, walking into the place where the River meets the Sea, somewhere on the north east coast of the island I believe… I remember telling the fool about being Dos Aguas, and how these spots are power points for women like me. He, a PHD with several scholarly works in publication, pretended his coward ass didn’t understand what ‘women like me’ meant…

This was the point at which I decided I was going to enjoy Grenada even if he was being a shit. And I did… I really just enjoyed myself and nulled his stupidity.

P.S. Such a trip seeing myself at this juicy size. This was the last time I was even remotely ‘big’. I’d been losing weight the whole of 2009, but after this point I rapidly dropped down in size and weight until this juicy size 14 is just a sweet memory for me.

P.P.S. Also amused by how short my hair is, just past my shoulders blades here, but now reaching my ass.





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