In an article published last Saturday, the UK Guardian declares in its headline, “‘Your animal life is over. Machine life has begun.’ The road to immortality”.

The sub-title follows, “In California, radical scientists and billionaire backers think the technology to extend life – by uploading minds to exist separately from the body – is only a few years away”.

The article goes on to paint a terrifying picture of humans removing their ‘consciousnesses’ and moving them into some portable, machine-based transport or neural network… but bottom line, ‘bodiless’ minds operating in our reality.

“This, more or less, is the scenario outlined by Hans Moravec, a professor of cognitive robotics at Carnegie Mellon, in his 1988 book Mind Children: The Future of Robot and Human Intelligence. It is Moravec’s conviction that the future of the human species will involve a mass-scale desertion of our biological bodies, effected by procedures of this kind. It’s a belief shared by many transhumanists, a movement whose aim is to improve our bodies and minds to the point where we become something other and better than the animals we are. Ray Kurzweil, for one, is a prominent advocate of the idea of mind-uploading. “An emulation of the human brain running on an electronic system,” he writes in The Singularity Is Near, “would run much faster than our biological brains. Although human brains benefit from massive parallelism (on the order of 100 trillion interneuronal connections, all potentially operating simultaneously), the rest time of the connections is extremely slow compared to contemporary electronics.” The technologies required for such an emulation – sufficiently powerful and capacious computers and sufficiently advanced brainscanning techniques – will be available, he announces, by the early 2030s.”

: sideeye :

Good God/dess Almighty, it’s like these people read NO sci fi about machine life AT ALL. And hear what? BILLIONAIRES are contemplating this!

I am reading this, and I hear echoes of Frank Herbert especially and his envisioned ‘human minds’ in machine bodies in the Classic Dune novels, that were later realised in the works of Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson‘s pitiless Titans and Cymeks, Agamemnon and Juno et al, but first inspired by the ‘neutral’ and ‘indifferent’ Cogitors.

Cogitor was the honorary title given to revered philosophers and scientists during the Old Empire, who chose to transfer their brains into preservation canisters. This action was taken allegedly to permit then to continue their ruminations and creation of their advanced interpretations of the universe.

Erasmus of the later books was a machine trying desperately to achieve ‘humanity’, but a pitiless machine nonetheless, whose actions sparked the final rebellion that led to the utter defeat of the machines, and is ultimately–after 15000 years, the cause of humanity’s salvation and indeed makes the journey to human and back to machine.

(Seriously, if allyuh have NOT read the books of the Dune universe, you are missing some deep philosophy about human life way beyond where we are now.)

I am shuddering and chills creep up and down my spine as I read this article, as I ponder the insatiable madness of men, filthy, fucking stinking rich white men, who fail to grasp a reality: We are already what they’re trying to create. We’re already tapped into a vast network. No matter what they create, we are already perfected… at what point do these folks not perceive the great Damballa, eating it’s tail? Or the truth about the World Egg. That kundalini energy they’re merely mimicking.

My goodness… what will these silly little boys come up with next to hasten their destruction.


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